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Don't Fight The IRS Alone.

If you are in the cannabis industry, chances are you’ve been audited, know someone who has been audited, or know someone who is currently being audited by the IRS. Unfortunately, you file your return every year and hold your breath. While the general population of the United States shares roughly a 2% chance of review by the IRS, members of the Cannabis industry face upwards of almost a 14% chance of being audited. Perhaps you’ve already received an IRS notice – a CP letter, or a Notice of Deficiency on a filed return. What does it all mean? What can be done? Is there help?

It’s true, bad things happen to good people.

Our team at Tax Defense Partners (TDP) have been in the industry for almost 20 years – we specialize in tax defense and tax controversy. We help people with all types of tax problems, including personal and business. We also specialize in the Cannabis industry.

Our approach to the IRS starts with the correct tax filings. However, if you do get audited by the IRS, our team of Attorneys, CPA's, and Tax Relief Professionals can help you reduce back taxes penalties and interest.

Already facing a tax problem? You don't want to fight the IRS alone. Our licensed professionals, CPA's, attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents settle more cases in a month than most other CPA's and tax attorneys do in their entire working career.

The cannabis industry is the most highly audited industry in the world.

  • Can’t Pay Your Back Taxes?
  • Behind In Your Tax Filings?
  • Interest And Penalties Piling Up?
  • IRS Freeze Or Take Your Bank Account?
  • Currently Under Audit?
  • Payroll Tax Problems?
  • Wages Being Garnished?

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High Risk Audit Experts

Our professional staff excels in high risk audit representation and Section 280E of the Federal Income Tax Code.

Team of Certified Pros

Team of Certified Pros

Our licensed professionals, CPA's, attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents settle more cases in a month than most other CPA's and tax attorneys do in their entire working career.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

At Tax Defense Partners, you will know exactly what we’re going to do and what it’s going to cost you before we start.


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Cannabis Tax News

Discover cannabis-related tax audit news and tips from industry experts.


How the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (“AUMA”) will impact business owners in California

The state of California will vote on the Adult use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) in November 2016. This may have a significant impact on cannabis business, licensing, and operating under different regulators.


California Voters To Decide On Marijuana Legalization

Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced that initiative proponents submitted “more than enough” signatures to include the proposition on the November ballot.

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Cannabis Companies’ Biggest Battle May Be Against the IRS

Because marijuana is still considered to be an illegal drug on a federal level, legal cannabis businesses must pay taxes under the same category of illegal drug traffickers.


LA County Supervisors Approve Ballot Proposal To Tax Marijuana

If the voters approve the proposal, the excise taxes can raise between $78 to $130 million in tax revenue.


Podcast: Involvement with Taxes in the Cannabis Industry

Parham Khorsandi, our VP of client services, talks about the concerns many people have about the IRS and their involvement with taxes on the cannabis industry.


Recent IRS Audits In Colorado Concern Cannabis Companies

New audits by the Internal Revenue Service have left cannabis companies in Colorado worried and frightened.


How The IRS Is Smoking Dispensaries Profits

Although most legal businesses in the cannabis industry are showing a great amount of gross revenue, the federal tax code retains most of its profit.


Featured Series: Chapter one – Why should I even file?

This blog is intended to help navigate the dangers and challenges faced by canna-professionals. From laying a strong foundation (bookkeeping), to filing “bullet-proof” returns, to dealing with audits and tax debt.


Tax Defense Partners is a tax debt negotiation and resolution company serving individual taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small businesses before the Collections Division of the IRS and state tax authorities. Don’t fight the IRS alone.

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