Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How much do your services cost?

How long will the process take?

Can the IRS take my SSI income?

If I die, does my tax debt pass on to my children/spouse?

Can you get rid of the penalties the IRS is charging?


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What is FBAR?

Who has to file it?

Why does an FBAR form have to be filed?

When does it have to be filed by?

Can I file an extension?

How is it filed?

Offer In Compromise

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What if I cannot afford the monthly payments requested by the IRS?

What is an Offer in Compromise Doubt as to Collectability?

How do I know if I qualify to settle my debt with the IRS?

What happens after my Offer is accepted?

Wage Garnishment

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I owe back taxes; when can the IRS garnish my income?

I am a wage earner and the IRS has issued a Notice of Levy to my employer, how can I get it released?

I am self-employed and the IRS has issued a Notice of Levy to a source of income, how can I get it released?

Innocent Spouse Relief

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What is innocent spouse relief?

Will my spouse be notified of my request?

How do I know if I will get innocent spouse?

Tax Prep

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Why should I file my tax return?

What happens to my refund if I already owe the IRS money?

Can I file my tax return without paying?

Tax Liens

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What is a Federal Tax Lien?

How does a lien affect me?

How is Lien different from a Levy?

How can I release my lien?

What other options are there to minimize the impact of my tax lien?

Collection Statute Expiration Date

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What is a CSED?

How long is a CSED for each year’s balance?

Can the CSED be extended to give the IRS more than 10 years to collect?

Once the CSED has passed, can the IRS collect on that year’s liability?

Can you give a couple examples?


Bank Levy

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I owe back taxes; when can the IRS levy my bank account?

The IRS has seized the funds in my bank account, how can I get it released?

Penalty Abatement

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What is Penalty Abatement?

How does 1st Time Penalty Abatement work?

How does Reasonable Cause Penalty Abatement work?

What are some Reasonable Cause Circumstances?

Currently Non-Collectible

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What is CNC (Currently Non Collectible)?

Payroll Taxes

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Can I be held personally responsible for payroll taxes?

Should I be paying the back taxes or the current taxes?

How do I make deposits?

Installment Agreement

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What is an Installment Agreement?

What are the different types of Installment Agreements?

Will Liens be filed when I am on an Installment Agreement?

Will bank levies or wage garnishments be issued while I am on an Installment Agreement?

How long will my Installment Agreement last?

Transcript Analysis

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What’s an IRS Account Transcript?

What is Transcript Analysis?

Why is Transcript Analysis important?

How can a Taxpayer of obtain their IRS Transcript (or Tax Record of Account)?