Bank Levy

An IRS Bank Levy and Can Ruin Your Whole Day (and Every Day Thereafter Until You Get It Released)

The IRS can drop the hammer and levy your assets after the IRS has sent notices to individual taxpayers or businesses of tax owed, demands for payment and intent to collect, and sometimes after an IRS Revenue Officer has made multiple attempts to call, but without success, and without payment or an agreed plan to pay back taxes. This is frequently a catastrophic event in the economic life of a taxpayer or business.

An IRS bank levy is a seizure of the entire asset. Any asset can be levied but the most common is your cash assets like personal and business bank accounts. One day the money is there; the next morning it is gone. The asset levy is considered by most taxpayers and business owners to be the most severely disruptive collection action the IRS can take – because while the IRS gets the tax money, all the other vendors, employees and you, can only get what’s left. There are steps you can take to get a bank levy released fast, but this is best done by a tax professional like Tax Defense Partners.

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