Offer In Compromise

You Owe the IRS Back Taxes, Interest and Penalties and Can’t Possibly Pay It?

You can think about making an offer to the IRS to settle your back tax bill for a single payment you could afford, even if that amount is much lower than your total IRS debt – if you can make a well-supported case that:

  1. You don’t really owe the tax in the first place; or,
  2. There is little chance that you could pay the total tax bill (after you pay reasonable living expenses); or,
  3. If the IRS DID collect the total tax bill from you, it would be an economic hardship for you, or would be unfair under your circumstances.

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Income tax trouble does not solve itself. With interest and penalties it only gets worse – much worse.

We at Tax Defense Partners are here to help.

If you call us, we will explain to you the nature of your tax problem and the strategies you can use to resolve it permanently so it no longer threatens your economic life.

You may decide to ask us to resolve your problem for you; to deal with the IRS so you don’t have to – but that will be your decision to make after you clearly understand what we will do to help you, how we will do it and how much it will cost.

Whether or not you hire us, we will still give you a free consultation to frame your tax problem and suggest methods for resolving it permanently. Any and all conversations we have with you are confidential, whether or not we end up working together.

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