Payroll Tax Debt Relief

Payroll Tax Debt Relief – Resolving Payroll Tax Problems

Miss a Payroll Tax Deposit and it Gets Very Bad Very Fast

The IRS considers a payroll tax deposit to be THEIR money that you are merely holding in trust for the Government until it is due – at which instant they better get their money. The IRS is very aggressive about collecting payroll tax and will come after assets very quickly, not hesitating to pierce the corporate veil and go after the individual owners if the business does not have enough liquid assets on hand to seize. Stiff penalties and interest begin to accrue immediately. If the IRS can make the case that the failure to make the deposit was not inadvertent, that it was done knowingly and intentionally, you could be looking at criminal prosecution. With a payroll tax problem, you really are better off getting the payroll tax debt relief experts at Tax Defense Partners to intervene immediately – your business and your economic life are vulnerable.

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Income tax trouble does not solve itself. With interest and penalties it only gets worse – much worse.

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