Tax Defense Partners – Meet The Team


Amir Boroumand

Amir Boroumand, Esq. is a Managing Member of TDP and Co-Chief Executive Officer. He is a California attorney admitted to practice before The United States Tax Court. Currently, Amir is the Managing Attorney and Department Head for the Tax Preparation and High Dollar/Employment Tax Team at Tax Defense Partners. He has been working in the tax field for 5 years, specializing in cases involving employment taxes, individuals with offshore accounts, and complex income tax matters. Prior to joining Tax Defense Partners, Amir was working in civil litigation, primarily involving real estate.   Amir completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and went on to Loyola Law School, Los Angeles to acquire his JD.

PatrickPatrick Cox

Patrick Cox is a Managing Member of TDP and Vice President of Business Development. Patrick has been involved in Sales and management for 20 years. Using his degree from Law School combined with his sales experience has enabled Patrick to excel at leadership. His background along with his attention to detail has led to success at every step in his career. He has interfaced with all top level executives throughout the country to establish the necessary criteria for a successful sales organization. Early in his career, he specialized in successful negotiations of numerous local and state police union contracts. Patrick’s interactions with top union and state officials started his development in sales and strategic planning.

Today, as a Managing Member and VP of Business Development for TDP, he is responsible for revenue generation and day to day operations of the sales department. Using Key Performance Indicators and coaching has led him to success and growth for TDP. He collaborates with Marketing and Finance to create a vision that ensures success.


Parham Khorsandi

Parham Khorsandi, Esq. is a Managing Member and the Vice President of Client Services at TDP.  He has been in the Tax Industry for almost his entire legal career.  Prior to this, Parham worked at Warner Bros., in the Intellectual Property department.  Parham is certified to practice law in front of the State Supreme Court, Federal District Court, and US Tax Court.   His knowledge of how to navigate through the IRS process and procedure ensures that the results are obtained in the most efficient way.  Parham specializes in automating and streamlining practices to maximize solutions and get the best results for the firm’s clients.


Tiffany Mosely

Tiffany Mosely, Esq. is a Managing Member of TDP and a California attorney admitted to practice before The United States Tax Court. She has been advocating for individuals and business before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities nationwide since 2011.  Prior to working with Tax Defense Partners, Tiffany graduated from Loyola Law School, Los Angeles where she studied an Income Tax, Secured Transactions in Real Property, Bankruptcy and Business Planning. She served as a Public Interest Fellow with the Alliance for Children’s Rights, where she exercised her enthusiasm for advocating for clients in administrative law matters. Tiffany volunteered as a Site Supervisor for the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) to provide tax services to lower income members of the Los Angeles community. In her free time, Tiffany actively participates in various bar association and public interest organization events. She is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts of America, serves on the board for an organization teaching young girls entrepreneurship skills and volunteers as a mock trial coach for the California YMCA Model Legislative and Court Program.


Shelly L. Murad

Shelly L. Murad is a Managing Member and the Director of Quality Assurance at Tax Defense Partners. She is an IRS Enrolled Agent and an ASTPS Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. She has been in the tax industry advocating for individuals and business before the Internal Revenue Service and State taxing authorities nationwide for over 10 years. Prior to working with Tax Defense Partners, Shelly was a Portfolio Control Investment Specialist working for Capital Group Companies, Inc. for over 12 years. She worked closely with the Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts to turn their investment ideas into portfolio positions.


Dawn Stancarone

Dawn Stancarone is a Managing Member and Co-Chief Executive Officer of TDP. Dawn has over 25 years’ experience in the fields of Organizational Development and Human Resources, specializing in Executive Coaching and Training & Development. Her abilities to lead and develop people, along with her experience in the Information Technology field and the Entertainment Industry make her a dynamic speaker, facilitator and consultant. She brings energy, passion and fun into all her assignments. Throughout her career, Dawn has handled the full range of activities in the fields of Organizational Development, Human Resources and Training and Development.

Dawn has worked at organizations such as Princess Cruises, Warner Bros, Countrywide Financial and Universal Studios. At Tax Defense Partner’s, Dawn acts as Co-CEO, organizational development liaison and advisor to the organization’s leadership and facilitates organizational initiatives across the enterprise. She is responsible for the development and integration of human resource programs that engages employees through performance dialogue, executive coaching, while continuing to drive strategic business goals and operational objectives.

Dawn earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree from California State University at Northridge. This background has provided Dawn with a very strong foundation in communication, interpersonal dynamics and creative problem solving.