Limited Time – 2015 Tax Prep 3

Let the REAL Pros Do It.

Get 2015 personal federal & state income tax preparation
Plus, a 1-year Tax Audit Defense™ Membership Plan
Plus, a 1-year TAD Tax Identity Recovery™ Membership Plan
For a low flat price of $499.99

TaxLiensDon’t Jeopardize The Resolution Of Your Tax Matter AND Avoid Late Filing Penalties

The deadline to file your IRS tax returns is April 18, 2016. Stay compliant with your IRS tax resolution case or settlement and avoid late filing penalties.

That’s right, the IRS will not negotiate any tax resolution or they will default your tax settlement if you do not file your 2015 returns on time.  Sign up and get expert tax preparation from Tax Defense Partners today.

service-co9Get Expert Tax Return Preparation (Federal & State)

Tax Defense Partners™, the experts in negotiating with the IRS when there IS a tax problem, are available to prepare your personal 2015 income tax returns.  Tax Defense Partners™ negotiate with the IRS, day in and day out, and on every type of income tax issue. We defend thousands of taxpayers in thousands of income tax cases every year – and know how to prepare accurate tax returns.

So Let the REAL Pros Do it. Act Now and Receive:

17) Full RepresentationTax Audit Defense™ - INCLUDED1

Included with your Tax Defense Partners™ tax preparation is a FREE one-year Tax Audit Defense™ Membership Plan. If you DO happen to receive any audit notice or form letter from the IRS or state questioning your TDP-prepared tax return, a Tax Audit Defense™ (“TAD™”) professional audit defense team comprised of CPA’s, IRS Enrolled Agents, and if necessary, tax attorneys, will immediately step into your shoes, organize your defense, and shield you from ever having to deal with any income tax authorities – so you don’t have to.

18) Tax Identity RecoveryTax Identity Recovery™ - INCLUDED1

Included with your Tax Defense Partners™ tax preparation is a FREE one-year TAD™ Tax Identity Recovery™ Membership Plan. If a fraudster steals your personal information and files a fraudulent tax return with your name on it to divert a tax refund to themselves, TAD’s Tax Identity Recovery team will spring into action, and step into your shoes to revalidate your tax account, recover your tax refund and restore credits for any tax payments you have made, to stop (and reverse) potentially unwarranted interest and penalties.

That's A Total Savings Of $4500 In Potential Professional Service Fees - So Rest Easy.

Protect Your Economic Well-Being.  Relieve Stress.  Save Time And Money.

For S Corporation or C Corporations Tax Preparation Rates, please call 1-800-410-1708.

1The Tax Audit Defense membership plan and the Tax Identity Recovery membership plan are configured, offered, sold and serviced by Tax Audit Defense LLC., a separate company.

Legal Notice:
Offer available to US tax filers resident in the United States and US Territories, and US Government employees and US Active Duty Military wherever they reside.
Offer renews annually automatically on same terms unless customer elects to opt out by contacting Terms and Conditions apply.