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Clients Total Liability: $94,000
Settlement: $2,046
Savings: $91,954 (98%)

We both have had an enormous burden lifted and now we have a clean slate to begin to build the future. When we met with TDP for our consultation, we were both very anxious… My wife and I left that day hopeful. The one word that comes to mind is relief. My wife and I are thankful and would recommend Tax Defense Partners to anyone that has a tax problem and is in dire straits. It has been a pleasure working with Tax Defense Partners.

Patrick G., Sherman Oaks, CA


Clients Total Liability: $212,555
Settlement: $2,400
Savings: $210,155 (99%)

I'm extremely happy with your firm's understanding, compassion, professionalism and most of all the result! …I've been sick with this IRS problem - really sick. Tax Defense Partners gave me hope, peace of mind, and a real second chance to get on with my life.

J.L., Monroe, WA


Client's total Liability: $27,900
Settlement: $1,200
Savings: $26,700 (96%)

We write to you with great appreciation and satisfaction. You have given us great peace of mind. Every time I received a call from Tax Defense Partners it would be satisfying and reassuring. Thank you and keep up the good work. We highly recommend your professional business and would not hesitate recommending Tax Defense Partners to those who were in the same situation we were. You are truly tax relief experts.

E. L.


Client's Total Liability: $6,878,404
Settlement: $0
Savings: $6,878,404 (100%)

I met with Tax Defense Partners and retained the firm's services to make an Offer in Compromise to the IRS on my behalf. Throughout the process, the staff at Tax Defense Partners were conscientious and professional.

I want to say Thank You!!! for doing what you said you would do - the tax problems which have plagued me for so long are gone. You have given me my life back.

As you know, my situation was different than most, as my tax problems arose from a failed business. The tax burden was crushing, causing me many sleepless nights over the past 20 years. The amount I owed to the IRS was over $6,878,000. Due to your expertise and tireless efforts, the entire amount was forgiven.

Thank you again for helping me get a fresh start.

Eldad, Los Angeles, CA


“AMAZING! TDP is professional, honest, and they take the time to talk to you about the process, which can be daunting.”

“Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for your expertise, knowledge and efficiently throughout this ordeal.”

“I wanted to say thank you Tax Defense Partners for actually doing what you said you would do - the tax problems had burdened me for so long.”

“I was very happy when Tax Defense Partners helped me get a second chance to file with the IRS.”

“The benefits which I value the most which I have received from TDP is that the IRS has given me a chance to get back on track.”

“I no longer feel like a victim. I highly recommend TDP and have recommended them to my friends.”

“My wife of 50 years and myself cannot thank you enough for your sheer caring professionalism in handling this crises for us.”

“Without TDP, I would owe the IRS and State over $100,000. We completed over 7 years of back taxes and I am paying $80 a month.”

“Tax Defense Partners has helped me in more ways that you can imagine, and I can not thank you and your staff enough.”

“The result I got from TDP was no less than a small miracle.”

“You were able to negotiate my tax liability from over $20,000 to $3,800.”

“Peace of mind. Shelly has been outstanding and very helpful.”

“Long story short, your team members did a great job with my case.”

“The weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.”

“TDP has handled my case in a very professional manner and I could not have been more pleased with the concern and care of my case.”

“Thank you so much. Now I can finally feel like a real person and move forward with my life.”

“Your help in every step of the way and your staff was always courteous & prompt in returning my calls.”

“You saved me a lot of money and grief.”

“The best part of my settlement, besides the settlement itself, was that I did not have to deal with the IRS myself.”

“TDP is totally responsive, helpful, reassuring, realistic, professional and accessible.”

“TDP was very helpful and easy to work with.”

“The government erased all but $3,000 which kept my file open. Now it is taken care of and I can move on with my life. Thanks so so much!”

“Tax Defense Partners was extremely professional, open with me and honest.”

“The result is reducing my tax liability by $50,000.”

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