Tax Defense Partners Transcript Analysis provides critical information that is useful in developing the key components to a permanent resolution for your personal or business tax problems.

What's an IRS Tax Account Analysis?

The IRS keeps a database of information regarding each Tax Identification Number (TIN). The information is recorded on Account Transcripts, which show activity on the TIN for each tax year.

Your IRS tax account analysis can tell you what the IRS sees, what the IRS has done without your knowledge, and what the IRS can do. Your IRS tax account analysis interprets the account transcript and reveals what the IRS is most likely to do next. Heading off the IRS from seizing your bank accounts or slapping a tax lien on your real estate is tactically useful to the continuance of your economic life, but seeing the total picture to develop a global resolution strategy will keep the peace permanently.

Our Transcript Analysis service includes a breakdown of active IRS demand letters, penalties and interest you've accrued, any tax liens or levies filed or released, the Collection Statute Expiration Date (the Government's s right to pursue timeframe), your IRS payment history and if you are at risk for collection.

  • Detailed Tax Account Analysis by year
  • Calculates Bankruptcy Tax Discharge Dates
  • Calculates return due date, return filed date and assessment dates
  • Checks for SFR and fraud indicators
  • Audit/Examination Check
  • Collections check
  • Active lien check
  • Penalty check
  • Calculates IRS 10 Year Debt Expiration Dates (CSED)
  • Tax Returns filed check
  • Audit red flag report
  • 10 year wage & income analysis
  • Track payments
  • Available upon request: Tax Return, Account and Wage & Income Transcripts
Why is Transcript Analysis important?

The Transcript Analysis is a gateway into the IRS's current and future actions with taxpayers who have years of unfiled tax returns or have a heavy tax burden. It provides the exact information that the IRS has - critical information that is useful in developing the key components to a permanent resolution to a personal or business tax problem.

As the IRS states, "IRS transcripts are often used to validate income and tax filing status for mortgage applications, student and small business loan applications, and during tax preparation."

Clearly, Taxpayer transcripts contain very useful information, and you should know what the IRS knows about you.

Your IRS account transcript is your record of account that keeps track of all of your tax liabilities and your payments for every year you have filed (or should have filed), and paid (or should have paid) taxes. If you even suspect you might have a tax problem, it's a good idea to get a look at your IRS account transcript. Tax Defense Partners can pull your record of account for you and interpret what the IRS knows, what the IRS can do and what the IRS is likely to do if you owe back taxes or have unfiled tax returns.