Thank You for Choosing Tax Defense Partners

Our team will be working with you to resolve your tax problems. Please review the following outline of the resolution process and your responsibilities in order to ensure your tax matter is resolved smoothly and expediently.

Our Engagement Letter

Please take time to review our Engagement Letter. Based on the information our office received from you, the letter outlines what services we have agreed to provide as well as your obligations in resolving your tax matter. If you notice any errors or have any questions, please bring it to our attention immediately.

Your Case is Unique to You

Your case will be resolved according to its own merits and circumstances and likewise with the actions taken by the IRS or state agencies.  TDP will communicate with you the strategy and next steps in your case.

Notices from the IRS and Your State

You now have a team of Power of Attorneys working on your case. Once our Power of Attorney forms are processed with the Internal Revenue Service, our office should begin receiving copies of notices.

Please note that our IRS Power of Attorney will not prevent the IRS from sending you notices. As you are the taxpayer, taxing authorities are required to notify you of any actions on your account as they occur.

Many state guidelines do not allow copies of notices to be sent to a Power of Attorney. As a best practice, you should send any correspondence you receive to your team to ensure we work together to reply to all correspondence.

Your Obligations

TDP will help you stay on top with your tax matter and provide specific next steps on your case. However, there are some obligations which TDP cannot fulfill for you. We will walk you through your specific case needs. All clients, however, must be in compliance with the following:  

Filing Compliance. To become eligible to resolve your liability with the IRS and your state, you must first file all any tax returns which are past due and file all future tax returns on time. If you have retained TDP to prepare tax returns for you, providing your tax information promptly will ensure your returns are prepared promptly.

Federal & State Withholding. If you are a wage-earner, you pay federal and state income tax by having it withheld from your paychecks during the year. You must review your withholding to make sure you are putting enough away for taxes each year. To adjust your withholding, ask your employer for a new Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate.

Estimated Tax Payments. To be eligible to resolve your tax liability, you must be compliant with your current tax payments. Read more about Estimated Tax Payments here.

Federal Tax Deposits. For businesses with employees, your business will be eligible to resolve its tax liability only if the Federal Tax Deposits are made timely. Read more about Federal Tax Deposits here.

We do not want your case to be delayed by late tax returns or you incurring tax liabilities. Please be diligent and stay in compliance to avoid any revisions to our engagement letter and fees.

Requests for Documents and Information

Unless there is a time-sensitive situation, our office will usually try to give you at least two weeks to complete forms or gather information and documents. Please be diligent in meeting our office deadlines so we can meet the deadlines imposed by the taxing authorities.


Staying in good communication with each other will be crucial to achieving success in your tax resolution matter.  Should you have any questions, you may reach us using the contact information we have provided.  If you call and your team is not available, please leave a message.  Email is an even better way to communicate with us and we are always available to schedule calls with you to discuss your case.

Should you experience any issues getting in touch with your team, please contact our Quality Assurance Department for assistance:

Department of Quality Assurance

Phone: 818-201-3349

Alternate Phone: 818-201-3321


Tax Liens

A lien can be filed by the IRS or your state agency as long as you have an outstanding tax liability.  A lien may not be filed immediately, however it is important you be aware that there is always a possibility one can be filed even if there is an agreement pending or one has already been negotiated.

Collection Action

Although TDP will be doing our best to protect you from any levy action and/or garnishment during the resolution process, this protection is not absolute. The IRS and state agencies do not halt enforcement action merely due to the fact that professional representation has been retained. Therefore, it is important that we both stay engaged during the resolution process to ensure that all matters are handled with utmost diligence and expedience so as to minimize the potential for any abovementioned risks.  The best way to ensure protection from collection activity is to remain in compliance and communicate with our office regularly with regard to our next steps.