Complaint Filed with the IRS Accuses Trump Foundation Of Illegal Activity

Complaint Filed with the IRS Accuses Trump Foundation Of Illegal Activity


Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accusing the Trump Foundation of illegal involvement in the Trump Presidential Campaign. The complaint alleges that the Trump Foundation may have broken tax-exempt organization rules by engaging in prohibited political activities.

The Trump Foundation is a tax-exempt organization; and as such, the organization cannot participate, donate or involve itself with politics if it is to retain its tax-exempt status. The IRS does not allow any party that is a tax-exempt organization to participate in any political activity.

Personally, Donald Trump is yet to publicly release his tax returns and does not appear to plan on doing so anytime soon. The Trump Foundation’s tax returns, however, require disclosure to the IRS as to whether the organization engaged in any political activity or contributed funds to political campaigns throughout the tax year. If the complaint is reviewed and the foundation is found to have engaged in political activity, the organization may face a tremendous amount of back taxes.

CREW, a watchdog organization with purported ties to the Clinton campaign, alleges in its complaint that the Trump Foundation was at fault when the presidential candidate promised $6 million in donations to veterans’ charities, and used his political slogan in the ceremonial checks.

Statement from CREW:

‘Those checks unquestionably communicated the Trump for President’s campaign slogan, and in the context of a campaign rally designed to advocate for Mr. Trump’s nomination and at which Mr. Trump spoke, the use of the slogan can have no reasonable meaning other than to urge his election.’

Should the IRS investigate the complaint, The Trump Foundation is in danger of losing its tax-exempt status and incurring a significant tax bill if the IRS finds any links between the Trump Foundation and Mr. Trump’s campaign for the presidency.