The IRS is facing yet another reprimand with a federal appeals court this month. IRS problems arise, as the appeals court is commanding that the revenue agency proves that they have put an end to targeting tea party groups because of their political disposition, according to

Judge Sentelle quoted, “We would advise the IRS: if you haven’t ceased to violate the rights of the taxpayers, then there is no cessation. You have not carried your burden, be it heavy or light.”

A large amount of groups facing discrimination saw the IRS remove their non-profit tax-exempt status applications out of its typical process. Furthermore, these groups faced application delays and were reportedly asked unconstitutional questions regarding their endeavors.

After being found guilty of targeting tea party groups, the IRS said it was revoking its use of targeting lists to single out applications “until further notice.”

The appeals court has suggested that the IRS restart the use of their lists. However, Judge Sentelle said it would not make their other issues, such as long delays and unauthorized questions asked of the tea party groups, disappear.