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No one wants to deal with the stress of going up against the IRS. If you’re struggling with tax debt or dealing with intimidating IRS notices, it can be incredibly overwhelming. But luckily, you don’t have to face the IRS on your own. If you’re struggling with tax issues, contact Tax Defense Partners to get relief today.

Tax Defense Partners specializes in getting our clients the best possible resolution, no matter their tax issues. Our team of IRS enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and licensed CPAs is ready to tackle any tax issue. Our team has successfully resolved cases involving unfilled tax returns, levies, liens, payroll tax debt, foreign bank account reporting, IRS audits, delinquent taxes, delinquent IRS payments, and much more. No matter your issue, we’re here to help you find relief.

Though our offices are based in Encino, California, we serve a wide area of Southern California. If you’re looking for a tax lawyer near me in the Greater Los Angeles area, we’re here to help. We serve the city of LA, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Van Nuys, Lake Balboa, Reseda, Calabasas, North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale Downtown Los Angeles, and beyond.

No matter where you live in Southern California, we’re here to serve you and get you the relief you need and are legally entitled to.

Why Hire an IRS Tax Lawyer Near Me?

Hiring a tax lawyer is beneficial for numerous reasons. First and foremost, tax lawyers are trained to know every element of tax law. Tax law is continuously evolving at local, state, and federal levels. It can be challenging for taxpayers to comply with complex tax regulations and it can be even more challenging to figure out how to fix tax problems once tax mistakes have been made. But for a tax lawyer, figuring out how to solve tax issues— no matter how simple or complex they may be— is just another day at the office. Tax lawyers know how to deal with every tax issue. They understand every possible solution available to their clients and know how to implement these solutions, quickly and efficiently. The tax lawyers at Tax Defense Partners stay continuously up-to-date on every change in the tax code in order to get our clients the resolutions they need. Our lawyers also think ahead, considering every possible roadblock to resolution and planning in advance to avoid those roadblocks.

Another reason hiring a tax lawyer is advantageous for you is that they are experienced at dealing with the IRS. Tax lawyers are often able to reach a better resolution with the IRS than taxpayers can on their own simply because tax lawyers understand how to talk to the IRS and have a thorough understanding of IRS processes. They understand the ins and outs of requesting penalty abatement, installment agreements, offers in compromise, and much more.

Lastly, hiring a tax lawyer near you, here in Southern California, ensures that your lawyer has an in depth understanding of all local and state tax laws. They will not only understand these laws, but will be experienced with working with them, as they do so daily for their clients. Additionally, a tax lawyer in your area will be operating in your time zone and in your area, making communication much more convenient.

Speak to a tax lawyer near you. Contact us now!

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Is Hiring a Tax Lawyer Near Me Worth the Investment?

Hiring a tax lawyer is worth the financial investment when you weigh the option of getting help versus poorly managing your tax issues yourself, which can often end up costing you much more than a lawyer’s fee. Dealing with the IRS on your own may seem like a good idea in theory. But in practice, if you poorly manage your situation or fail to take advantage of any valuable tax relief options available to you, it can end up costing you enormously. Then, hiring a tax lawyer is certainly more financially wise than avoiding or ignoring IRS notices or tax debt, which comes with many risks. If you fail to comply with the IRS, you can face heavy penalties, steep fines and, in the most extreme cases, even prison time.

An IRS tax lawyer can help you avoid paying a cent more than you’re legally required to. They can help you pay the lowest possible amount allowed by law and ensure you enter into the best possible payment plan if you cannot pay your debt in a lump sum. They can also help you avoid or resolve severe late stage IRS actions like wage garnishment, levies, and liens.


What Can a Tax Lawyer Near Me Help With?

Our Los Angeles tax lawyers can assist our clients with numerous tax issues. Below, see a brief summary of some of the issues our Los Angeles tax attorneys regularly resolve.

Unfiled Tax Returns: Unfiled tax returns are often the result of accidental negligence. But they’re a serious crime in the eyes of the IRS. If you have any unfiled tax returns, contact us immediately to resolve this issue. Even if the IRS has yet to contact you about any unfiled tax returns, they’re sure to notice eventually. Our attorneys can assist you with resolving any or all unfiled returns in an expedited manner, in order to protect you from severe IRS actions.

Back Taxes: Back taxes can be enormously stressful, both mentally and financially. If you’re struggling to pay back taxes, contact Tax Defense Partners. Our team will work to find the ideal solution for your unique financial situation.

IRS Audits: There are few things more challenging than experiencing an IRS audit. No matter why you’re being audited, an IRS audit is incredibly unpleasant to experience. If you’ve received a notice saying you’re being audited by the IRS, know that you don’t have to deal with this situation on your own. A tax lawyer can represent you in your audit case and help defend you against an IRS audit.

Tax Liens: Tax liens are a public notice in which the IRS notifies others that they must be paid first. Because of their highly public nature, tax liens can be both stressful and embarrassing. If you’ve received a Notice of Intent to Lien, our tax lawyers can help you work with the IRS to resolve your tax lien.

Tax Levy: A tax levy gives the IRS the right to claim your assets in order to settle your tax debt. The IRS can seize funds from your bank account, seize your property, and even seize funds from retirement accounts. If you’ve received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, contact us immediately. Our tax attorneys can work to put a stop to your levy through numerous methods.

Wage Garnishment: If you have ignored tax liabilities for an extended period of time, the IRS may have the option to garner your wages. Tax Defense Partners specializes in resolving wage garnishment and can help you reach a resolution with the IRS.

Offer In Compromise: The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program can allow you to pay less than your full tax balance owed if you have legitimate reasons for being unable to pay your full tax debt. Gettin an OIC application approved can be challenging, since you must prove to the IRS that you cannot pay your full tax balance. But if you qualify for an OIC, entering into this program can be enormously beneficial. Contact Tax Defense partners to discuss your financial situation and find out whether or not you may be able to take advantage of the OIC program.

Installment Agreements: If you can’t pay your full tax debt in one lump sum, an installment agreement can help you pay your debt in manageable monthly installments. There are numerous installment agreement available for different financial situations. Our team can help you enter in the ideal installment agreement for you.

Innocent Spouse Relief: If your spouse or former spouse improperly filed your joint tax return, you may be able to get relief through IRS Innocent Spouse Relief. If you were unaware of your spouse’s improper filing and believe you should not be held responsible for their bad actions, contact our team to discuss your options.

Currently Not Collectable Status: Currently Not Collectable status can put a hold on your tax account in times of extreme hardship. CNC can be a huge benefit for those experiencing financial hardship. Contact Tax Defense partners to see if CNC status may be able to help you put a hold on your tax debt.

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How Do I Find the Best Tax Lawyer Near Me?

Everyone’s unique circumstances are different. When you search for a tax attorney near you, you should look for an attorney that can handle your specific case, as well as for one you feel you can trust. 

At Tax Defense Partners, we offer free consultations to every client. If you’re unsure what you should do about your tax issues, or who you should hire to resolve them, call us now for a free consultation. During your consultation, a member of our team will listen to your issues, learn about your unique circumstances, answer any questions you may have, and help you understand your tax resolution options.