The IRS has released tips and rules all applicants must follow when filing their taxes. Because of the continuing confusion regarding tax filing, both manually and digitally, it is recommended to use the IRS e-file, or Free File, on their official website, It is easier for both the users and the IRS in terms of filing their taxes without the risk of skipping amounts that could lead to auditing.

According to professionals, for those who still owe the government, they should pay as much as they can to cut down on possible interest rates and any penalties, including the possibility of auditing. The Direct Pay system has been acclaimed because it assists people to pay straight from their checking and savings accounts safely for free.

There is also the possibility of the installment agreement, which is set payments by the month. And of course, there is Direct Deposit, which is the quickest way for users to get any tax refund they are eligible for. There is also the More Time system for both the military and those citizens in affect disaster zones, as the case is such in Texas and Florida. This extra extension will come an extra 6 months after the end of a combat tour or following a natural disaster.

Finally, all users need to keep a physical and digital copy of their tax return in the event of any IRS contacting regarding the current or past status of tax payments. It is recommended to have a copy of any paperwork with it for up to three years. It will also make things easier during the process. The 2017 E-files will help follow up on their 2016 tax return, giving them possibly more money in their tax refund.