Earlier this month, reports claimed that the IRS was looking to partner with private debt collection agencies. The reports are about to become official, according to

The Internal Revenue Service just announced that it has selected four contractors to implement the new program.

The new agreement gives these tax debt collection agencies the power to collect back taxes on the government’s behalf.

With the IRS adding to their team of debt collectors, they plan on being more aggressive than ever. As the program will grant authority to private collection companies to collect federal income tax, there have been some concerns raised about the collection techniques to be utilized by these agencies, efficiency of communication between agencies as well as the privacy of taxpayer information.

It is crucial to resolve your tax debt issues before the IRS and its new dynamic mob begin targeting you and attempting to take your wages, freeze your bank account, and/or put a lien on your property.

The four agencies contracted by the IRS are CBE Group, Conserve, Performant and Pioneer.