It was recently brought to our attention that scammers are still on the hunt … this time asking taxpayers for 8821 and 2848 forms.

Prior to releasing such documents, which authorizes the release of your tax information and the power of attorney (POA) and declaration of representation respectively, taxpayers should verify it’s authenticity.

If you are currently facing tax problems with back taxes, you may have received a call requesting a copy of the aforementioned documents. In this case, we urge you to contact those currently holding the POA immediately.

The hand-off of this information could put you at risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. Trusted tax professionals can assist in this situation by confirming whether or not the release of data is necessary.

See our previous post on identifying IRS scammers for more tips on spotting cons and avoiding the stress. Call Tax Defense Partners if you need help. We offer free consultations and are the nation’s leading experts in tax negotiation and mediation.