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If you return your tax form on time and pay your taxes when they are due, then there is generally no reason you have to worry about the IRS. However, if you miss either of these then you will be reminded, politely, initially of your oversight. This will give you an opportunity to rectify your mistake and breathe easy again.

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & Minnesota State Tax?

If you do not submit your tax return on time, and do not pay the taxes due then initially you will have a short respite. You can ask for an extension and that will give you more time to get your affairs in order, but you will still need to pay your taxes. If you continue to disregard notices from the IRS and fail to pay your taxes, then the IRS has systems in place where they can instigate formal measures for retrieval of the debt.

These can include adding a late penalty fine to your tax debt. Adding interest to the unpaid tax debt, which can seriously add up! More serious measures would include garnishment of your wage, a tax lien against your property and bank levy, thus restricting your finances. Finally, it is within their power to instigate legal proceedings, which in very serious cases or cases of fraud, may result in imprisonment.

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How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in Minnesota

Tax Defense Partners can help you sort out your finances so that you can come up with a realistic repayment installment plan that suits your needs and satisfies the IRS. There are a few things to remember:

  • Always agree an installment plan with the IRS. By doing this you will prevent them taking further measures against you. If you just send in money on an ad hoc basis they can still continue the process of trying to redeem the money, and this can include levies and liens
  • Don’t over estimate what you can pay back. You should be realistic on the amount you can afford as default on payment can complicate the process
  • Always respond to letters from the IRS, and if you are unsure, contact a tax expert

Popular FAQs On Minnesota Tax Debt

What if I miss an installment payment to the IRS?

If you miss one payment, for whatever reason. The IRS are generally forgiving of this and will continue with the installment agreement. They only rarely default an installment plan after one missed payment.

I pay by direct debit and the IRS took a payment that was intended for my rent. What can I do?

If you have a direct debit setup, the IRS will continue to debit it automatically, even if this defaults your payments to other creditors. If you have an issue with affording the repayment, you should contact the IRS as soon as possible.

What if my circumstances change and I can no longer afford the repayments?

If you can no longer afford to keep up with the repayments, no matter what the reason, you should contact the IRS immediately, rather than allow the installment plan to go into default. There are other options available and Tax Defense Partners can talk you through them.

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