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The state and federal government can come down hard on you if you keep ignoring your tax debt notices. Fortunately, there are certain tax debt relief options available to help solve your tax debt problem. Consider hiring a tax debt resolution expert to guide you through the entire process.

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & New Hampshire State Tax?

If you are behind your taxes, you can expect the government to make you pay through various legal means. Failure to make payment on or before the due date can result in late penalty fines and interest charges being added to the outstanding amount. If you still do not respond, a tax levy or a tax lien may be imposed on your assets. You cannot claim them unless you have resolved your tax debt.

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How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in New Hampshire

If you do not possess adequate knowledge about dealing with the IRS and the New Hampshire Department of Revenue, it’s better to consult a tax debt resolution expert. When you choose to work with Tax Defense Partners, you can expect us:

  • To deal with the government and the IRS on your behalf
  • To review your past tax returns and check whether the tax bill is accurate or not. In case of any error, we work directly with the relevant authorities to amend the tax bill.
  • To analyze your financial situation for determining how much you will be able to pay in a single lump sum amount or on a monthly basis.

To explore various tax relief options available, depending on your situation

Popular FAQs on New Hampshire Tax Debt

What is a penalty abatement program?

Penalty abatement allows a first-time noncompliant taxpayer to waive off certain penalties and interest charges that were added to the tax bill for a certain tax period. It can lower your overall tax debt. You can request for penalty abatement typically by writing a letter to the relevant tax authority.

If you file for hardship status, what will the IRS do?

The IRS takes a look at your assets, income, and expenses to determine if you qualify for hardship status. Next, they will send you an annual statement that describes the amount of tax still owed and how much you need to pay when you are in a better financial situation

What is “Reason To Know” in terms of IRS lingo?

This phrase is commonly used when appealing for Innocent Spouse Relief. It refers to a case where the IRS assumes that you were aware about the issue. You cannot qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief if you are categorized under Reason To Know.

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