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  • Alabama

    If you do not want to let an Alabama state income tax debt prevent you from living your life to the fullest, it is pertinent that you work with a professional Alabama tax attorney to help you seek tax debt relief. Whether... Read More

  • Alaska

    An Alaska state tax penalty or lien caused by unpaid back taxes can be one of the most stressful things that you need to go through. Whether your business or personal life is affected by back taxes, you can achieve a manageable... Read More

  • Arizona

    Tax regulations can be confusing for people who do not possess adequate knowledge about it. That's why most disputes arise when past tax returns are audited. Before the IRS gets into serious action, it is advisable that you hire a tax attorney... Read More

  • Arkansas

    Have back taxes in Arkansas? Are you looking for experts that can negotiate and mediate with the IRS on your behalf? Don’t fret. Tax Defense Partners can help. Back taxes can affect your personal or business life. You should work with the... Read More

  • California

    It is important to remember to submit a tax return on an annual basis and pay any outstanding tax debt you owe to the IRS. The IRS carefully monitors all incoming tax returns and failure to either submit a tax return or... Read More

  • Colorado

    One of the most stressful things to deal with is state tax penalties or liens from your unpaid back taxes. It can affect your personal life as well as your business. Hence, you should consider hiring a Colorado tax debt resolution expert,... Read More

  • Connecticut

    If you owe back taxes to the state of Connecticut and the federal government, tax debt relief solutions can help solve your problems. There is no point in wasting time with tax debt evasion. It’s high time that you consider hiring a... Read More

  • Delaware

    Have you been hit hard by Federal and Delaware tax bills before? Do not make the same mistake of ignoring your tax debt problems. You may risk becoming a target of persistent collection efforts by the government. Consult a tax debt resolution... Read More

  • Florida

    If you owe taxes to the state and federal government, it can be a big headache. If you are looking to resolve your unpaid taxes, tax debt relief options can help. You need to work with an experienced tax debt resolution specialist... Read More

  • Georgia

    Owing taxes to the state of Georgia can be painful, but luckily there are ways to get the tax debt off your back. However, you shouldn’t try everything on your own, unless you know what you are doing. A tax debt resolution... Read More

  • Hawaii

    Nobody likes paying Hawaii taxes, but when you consider that taxes are essential to maintain state government services that continue to serve your community, then that puts a whole new perspective on it. However, there are times when you are unable to... Read More

  • Idaho

    If you have worked hard to repay your state taxes but are still suffering from financial hardship or are unable to repay the amount Idaho State Tax Commission says you owe, you need to take steps to remedy the situation now. If... Read More

  • Illinois

    Everyone one pays taxes to the Illinois Department of Revenue and you may always have done that yourself if you have been in employment or self-employed. However, what happens if you suddenly receive a letter from the state tax authority advising that... Read More

  • Indiana

    There are often circumstances in life that we have to deal with and as these are often beyond our control, these events can leave us feeling a little out of our depth. Sometimes that can impact on your finances. If this is... Read More

  • Iowa

    If you are looking for information about Iowa tax debt relief read on. Just because the Iowa Department of Revenue says you owe a certain amount of money, does not always mean it is correct. There may be many reasons why your... Read More

  • Kansas

    The tax laws in Kansas are complicated and adding to that there has been an overhaul and a major change within the last year. The changes that have taken place mean an increase in taxes that will be backdated to 2017. Tax... Read More

  • Kentucky

    There are some people who try to dodge paying taxes to the Kentucky Department of Revenue, but the truth is the state tax authority will eventually catch up with them. There are others that accidentally fail to make tax payments, due to... Read More

  • Louisiana

    Some people manage to rack up a lot of unpaid taxes and debt owed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Very often, this is due to a lack of understanding or an inability to face up to the problem. Unfortunately, the problem... Read More

  • Maine

    Dealing with Maine Revenue Services can be very intimidating for many people, which is why some choose to have a tax attorney to act on their behalf. Research has shown that even though some people have attempted to deal with the state... Read More

  • Maryland

    If you are employed by a company, then it is likely that your earnings are computed regularly, and you will automatically pay the correct amount of tax to the IRS. However, if you have additional income from elsewhere or are self-employed, then... Read More

  • Massachusetts

    When it comes to tax season, many Americans get stressed over their tax returns. Even if you file your tax return on time, you may still feel slightly nervous at the thought of receiving a letter form the IRS stating you owe... Read More

  • Michigan

    Tax can be a veritable minefield for many people as it is so complicated. You might think that all you need to do is fill in a few details, add your financial income, and you’re good to go. But what if you... Read More

  • Minnesota

    If you return your tax form on time and pay your taxes when they are due, then there is generally no reason you have to worry about the IRS. However, if you miss either of these then you will be reminded, politely,... Read More

  • Mississippi

    If you are planning to start a new business either as a sole trader or employing other people, then you should seek timely taxation advice before the end of the financial year. This will help you plan your taxes, as when it... Read More

  • Missouri

    Generally, people do not deliberately intend to mislead the IRS. However, we all know that family circumstances can rapidly change. When you hit a dark corner or landed in difficult circumstances, the first thing you usually do is fight for survival. That... Read More

  • Montana

    Do not spend your life trying to evade taxes. If you owe taxes to the Montana Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service, tax debt relief options are available.  A Montana tax debt resolution expert can help you explore options to... Read More

  • Nebraska

     Are you behind your taxes? Has financial crisis prevented you from paying your taxes on time? You are not alone. Today, millions of Americans owe taxes to the state and federal government. If you are one of them, a Nebraska tax debt... Read More

  • Nevada

    Every year, billions of dollars are due in delinquent federal and state taxes. If you owe back taxes to the Nevada Department of Taxation or the IRS, you may be tempted to ignore tax notices in hopes that the relevant authorities may... Read More

  • New Hampshire

    The state and federal government can come down hard on you if you keep ignoring your tax debt notices. Fortunately, there are certain tax debt relief options available to help solve your tax debt problem. Consider hiring a tax debt resolution expert... Read More

  • New Jersey

    A faltering economy and high unemployment rates have forced many residents in New Jersey to fall behind their tax payments. You need to take your tax debt problem very seriously, instead of running from the government. A tax debt resolution expert can... Read More

  • New Mexico

    Only 80% of the income tax is received by the federal and state governments each year. In order to collect the rest, the government sends out tax notices, imposes tax liens on properties and even seizes homes, paychecks and bank accounts. Rather... Read More

  • New York

    Have financial hardships prevented you from paying your taxes? Have you been charged with hefty tax bills? You are not the only one. If you have been ignoring your tax problems, the government will come down even harder on you with their... Read More

  • North Carolina

    Do you owe back taxes to the North Carolina Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service? Is your tax debt the reason behind your stress? Fortunately, tax relief options are available, and a North Carolina tax debt resolution expert can help... Read More

  • North Dakota

    Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? Is the North Dakota state government pushing you to pay off your tax debt? A professional tax debt resolution expert can review your financial situation and determine the best possible solutions to deal with... Read More

  • Ohio

    If you owe back taxes to the Ohio Department of Taxation or the Internal Revenue Service, you can become a target of their persistent collection efforts. Luckily, tax debt relief options are available and an Ohio tax debt resolution expert can help... Read More

  • Oklahoma

    Do you owe thousands of dollars in delinquent taxes to the state of Oklahoma? Or even owe more to the federal government? If you have back taxes, the federal government and the state of Oklahoma will aggressively attempt to collect what is... Read More

  • Oregon

    Owing the Oregon Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service back taxes can be very stressful. If the government is after you because of back taxes, don’t panic. Instead of trying to evade the government, hire Tax Defense Partners to help... Read More

  • Pennsylvania

    Many circumstances can prevent us from paying our taxes. Failure to pay back taxes may cause you a lot of distress as you try to control the situation. However, you do not need to go it alone. Hire Tax Defense Partners and... Read More

  • Rhode Island

    Tax debt can really push you to a corner. You may feel that you cannot handle it any more. Is the process of paying back what you owe to the government overwhelming you? Fear no more for Tax Defense Partners is here... Read More

  • South Carolina

    Tax debt is never a trivial matter. If you have issues concerning tax debt, you should seek legal representation from a tax debt lawyer. Running away from tax debt is not going to solve anything. You will need to face it head... Read More

  • South Dakota

    Are you searching for a professional tax debt relief firm? Look no further than Tax Defense Partners. We can resolve state tax problems for taxpayers in South Dakota. Whether you are facing a wage garnishment or a bank levy, we have got... Read More

  • Tennessee

    Are you finding it difficult to pay what you owe in Tennessee back taxes? At Tax Defense Partners, we are the tax debt resolution company you can trust to help you resolve your State and federal tax debt problems. We serve all... Read More

  • Texas

    If you owe taxes to the state of Texas or the Internal Revenue Service, you should aim to resolve this tax debt as soon as possible. Taxpayers, who are more than 30 days late on their payments, may face a 10% penalty... Read More

  • Utah

    Did you receive a call from the Utah State Tax Commission? Were you informed that you owe back taxes? Do not panic because Tax Defense Partners is here to help. Whether your wages have been garnished or a lien has been filed... Read More

  • Vermont

    Are you a Vermont resident who is struggling with unsecured debts? With the help of Tax Defense Partners, you can become IRS debt-free again! Our team comprises experienced Vermont tax relief specialists that can represent you at tax negotiations, tax court, and... Read More

  • Virginia

    It is impossible to evade taxation in the state of Virginia. You should not allow the Virginia Department of Taxation and the Internal Revenue Service prevent you from living your life to the fullest. If you are looking for a tax attorney... Read More

  • Washington

    If you have a tax issue, you can entrust your case to a Washington tax attorney or represent yourself. Which is the easier choice? Working with a tax debt resolution expert is the sensible choice! At Tax Defense Partners, we have a... Read More

  • West Virginia

    Some taxpayers erroneously believe the state of West Virginia will not make the effort to pursue their back taxes. As it may take some time for the state tax authority to process and send a notice, the taxpayer may be lulled into... Read More

  • Wisconsin

    You are dealing with a difficult situation pertaining to your back taxes. No matter how much you pay or what you do, you can't seem to resolve your unpaid taxes. You can get out of the predicament you are currently in by... Read More

  • Wyoming

    Tax Defense Partners is your voice at the Wyoming Department of Revenue. Our goal is to ensure that every taxpayer in the state understands their rights and is treated fairly. We can help you resolve tax debt problems that you can’t fix... Read More