Dealing with Maine Revenue Services can be very intimidating for many people, which is why some choose to have a tax attorney to act on their behalf. Research has shown that even though some people have attempted to deal with the state tax authority themselves by challenging their decisions, the most successful individuals or companies are those that engage the services of a tax debt resolution expert, such as Tax Defense Partners.

This is not only due to the expertise of the attorneys concerned, but also to the fact that undertaking many cases day after day, the process becomes much quicker to evaluate and the correct options will be identified. An expert in Maine tax debt relief can help you deal with the situation much quicker, and usually with a more beneficial outcome.

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & Maine State Tax?

Maine Revenue Services has a duty to recover tax from all those who are eligible to pay them. Unfortunately, the rules can be quite lengthy and difficult to understand for a lay person. However, one thing is certain that if you fail to submit your tax return or pay any taxes that are due, there will be repercussions, such as penalties, interest charges, restrictions on house sales, money seized from bank accounts, and eventually jail in the most extreme cases.


How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in Maine

If you do not have the money or assets to pay your tax debt, then Tax Defense Partners may be able to submit a request pertaining to Offer In Compromise for you. This is possible for cases where there is doubt about whether the state tax authority will be able to recoup the money owed, or where tying to recoup the money will result in the proceedings costing more than the actual tax debt in Maine

Popular FAQs On Maine Tax Debt

What is an Offer In Compromise?

Some states offer an Offer In Compromise tax debt relief program. This is a system that is designed to help those individuals who owe money in unpaid taxes but do not have the money to pay.

Does Maine have an Offer In Compromise program?

Yes, it does. Not all states offer this type of tax debt relief option, but Maine does have this program available. Tax Defense Partners can help you apply for one if you meet the requirements.

How can an Offer In Compromise help?

In order to satisfy the rules of an Offer In Compromise program, you must be able to prove to Maine Revenue Services that you are unable to pay the amount owed to them as you either do not have enough money or you have no assets available. This means ordinarily they would be unable to retrieve the money from you for your Maine tax debt

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