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If you need tax help in Los Angeles, reach out to the tax attorneys at Tax Defense Partners. Our dedicated team is comprised of experienced tax attorneys, licensed CPAs, and IRS enrolled agents. Our team boasts years of experience resolving numerous types of tax issues, including everything from routine issues to complex criminal cases. No matter your tax problem, our team of tax professionals is here to assist you and help you reach the best possible resolution. Whether you’re dealing with an IRS audit, a criminal tax investigation, tax debt issues, or any other tax issue, we’re here to help.

As tax relief specialists, we understand how overwhelming having tax problems can be. Tax issues can put an enormous strain on your relationships, your financial health, and your emotional well-being. That’s why our goal as a company is not only achieve the best possible resolution of your tax issues, but to also reduce your anxiety and stress throughout the resolution process. Our law firm is focused on providing you both superior results and exceptional customer service.

The first step in resolving your tax issues is to call us for a free consultation. During your consultation, one of our team members will listen to your issues and help you understand your options for resolving them. Every person’s tax issues are unique and our Los Angeles tax attorneys are able to assess your unique issues from every angle in order to help you find the best possible resolution.

Below, learn more about the types of tax problems our tax attorneys can assist with.

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If you have any foreign bank accounts, it’s critically important that you properly report them to the IRS. The IRS has begun aggressively cracking down on United States citizens who fail to report their oversea assets. The penalties for failing to report offshore bank accounts are extraordinarily harsh. At a minimum, the fine for those who merely forgot to file is $10,000. Then, if the IRS believes a person intentionally did not report a foreign bank account, they can impose a fine of either $100,000 or half of the unreported foreign account’s value.

Tax Defense Partners specializes in Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR), as well as in resolving FBAR issues. Our team has years of experience dealing with FBAR and FinCEN filings and issues related to these filings. If you have any FBAR issues, your best defense against severe IRS penalties is getting ahead of these issues as soon as possible. Ideally, before the IRS finds out about these issues. How and when you resolve a foreign bank account reporting issue is incredibly important in terms of how much money you will save. 

If you’ve failed to report any foreign bank accounts to the IRS, contact our tax law firm immediately to resolve this issue. Our team can help you reach full tax compliance with the IRS as swiftly as possible. Additionally, our team of CPA enrolled agents can file future FBARs for you to ensure your future international tax matters are in order. 



No one wants to have to resolve a tax controversy through tax litigation. However, sometimes tax litigation is necessary for a taxpayer to avoid being steamrolled by the IRS. Tax litigation can involve going to trial in Tax Court. However, in many cases, tax litigation can help you resolve your tax issues without going to US Tax Court by filing a Tax Court petition or through other methods.

Our team of expert criminal tax defense attorneys can represent you should your case require tax litigation. Our team is experienced at representing clients in the US Tax Court, bankruptcy court, and in the California State Superior Court. In addition to representing you in litigation tax matters, our team can help you decide whether or not tax litigation would be the best strategy for you or if your case could be better resolved by other tax relief strategies.


There is a division of the IRS called the Criminal Investigation (CI) team, which determines whether or not taxpayers are prosecuted for violating tax laws. If the CI determines that a taxpayer’s tax errors are willful and intentional, and not merely accidental, they can refer criminal tax cases to the Department of Justice. At this point, the IRS has an impressive conviction rate. Over 90% of all criminal tax cases referred to the DOJ by the IRS result in convictions and around 80% of these cases result in prison time. 

Our goal when representing clients who are being investigated for criminal tax issues (such as tax fraud or tax evasion) is to ensure that our clients’ tax issues are resolved well before this point. Our tax lawyers can represent you during the IRS investigation process and they will work tirelessly to convince IRS investigators that your unique issue can be resolved without going to trial. Our team can also represent you during any potential trials, should this become necessary for your unique case.


At Tax Defense Partners, we specialize in tax debt resolution. As tax relief specialists, we understand every possible solution to your tax debt problems. Whether you have recent tax debt or you have longstanding tax debt, we know every possible strategy that you can use to resolve your back taxes.

Our tax professionals can help you discover whether you can use valuable tax relief strategies, such as an Offer in Compromise or Innocent Spouse Relief, to lower your tax burden (or, in some cases, eliminate it entirely). Additionally, if you owe the IRS back taxes but cannot pay your full tax liability in one lump sum, our team can help you explore your best payment options. We are exceptionally experienced at negotiating Installment Agreement terms with the IRS.

If you’re facing later stage Internal Revenue Service actions related to back taxes, such as tax levies or tax liens, our tax professionals can help you reach an agreement with the IRS in order to stop these harsh actions. We specialize in helping our clients resolve tax liens, tax levies, and wage garnishment.

No matter why you have tax debt, our team is focused on one goal: ensuring you pay the IRS the lowest possible amount allowed by law on a payment schedule you can afford.


A tax audit can put an enormous amount of stress on a person. Routinely, the IRS conducts tax audits that are completely random, so a taxpayer may have no idea why they’re being audited. Then, the Internal Revenue Service also conducts audits when they notice red flags on a taxpayer or business’s income tax return. They may suspect that an individual has made an error on their tax return or they may suspect an individual is attempting to commit tax evasion or tax fraud. 

Regardless of why you’re being audited, hiring an audit defense attorney is the best strategy if you’re facing an IRS audit. Our tax lawyers can help you determine why you’re facing an IRS audit and help you prepare a thorough defense strategy, no matter why you’re being audited. At Tax Defense Partners, we offer full audit representation. A member of our team can communicate with the IRS on your behalf, attend IRS meetings on your behalf, and represent you in Tax Court if necessary. Our team is experienced at representing clients experiencing correspondence audits, field audits, sales tax audits, and office audits.


Every business that has employees is required to pay payroll taxes (these are also referred to as employment taxes). If you fail to pay the correct amount of payroll taxes, fail to pay payroll taxes on time, or fail to pay payroll taxes altogether, the IRS considers this a serious offense. The IRS will take swift action to recoup payroll taxes and can impose severe interest and penalties on late payroll taxes. If you fail to pay back payroll taxes over a prolonged period of time, the interest and penalties on this type of back tax can begin to outweigh the original tax.

In addition to facing IRS actions for unpaid payroll taxes, there are also state and local collection actions to consider. In California, if you fail to pay the any of California’s four state payroll taxes (which are administered by the Employment Development Department), you can face actions from the California Franchise Tax Board or the California State Board of Equalization.

If you find yourself struggling with payroll tax issues, it can be overwhelming. The complexity of these types of taxes, as well as the serious penalties and fined associated with them, can cause an incredible amount of stress. But if you’re struggling with payroll tax issues, you can begin working to resolve them by contacting one of our experienced tax professionals. Tax Defense Partners is well-versed in handling payroll tax issues at federal, state, and local levels. Our team can examine your unique financial situation and help you develop a strategy that will best protect both yourself and your business.


Tax Defense Partners is located in Los Angeles, California. Unlike at many other law offices, all of our team members are local to our area and work out of the same centralized location. While we’re based out of Los Angeles, we serve the greater Southern California area. Additionally, our licensed tax professionals and tax lawyers are able to represent clients nationwide and in all United States territories. Some practice areas we serve include Encino, the city of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Orange County, and San Diego.

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If you need help resolving your tax issues, contact the IRS tax attorneys at Tax Defense Partners today. Our team of super lawyers can provide legal advice, represent you in tax court, assist you with numerous IRS issues, help you resolve back taxes, and can provide tax planning services such as estate planning or general tax planning services. No matter your tax situation, our experienced team of Los Angeles tax attorneys, licensed CPAs, and IRS enrolled agents is here to help you achieve the best possible tax resolution.