Trump Administration Can End IRS Discrimination

Trump Administration Can End IRS Discrimination

Over the last several years, the IRS has been constantly accused of discrimination during the tax-exempt status process. The IRS apparently discriminates against taxpayers who have political views that oppose the Obama Administration. Democrats disapprove of this behavior, due to it being a violation of the 1st amendment.

As a result of these accusations, the IRS has lost many battles against non-profits who were victimized. They were also crushed by the US Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Studies done by TIGTA proved many accusations of discrimination to be true. A federal appeals court also accused the IRS of discriminating against tea party groups.

Now that the real estate mogul, Donald Trump, has been elected, the Justice Department will have Jeff Sessions as the new Attorney General. Justin was assigned by Donald Trump, of course. The new assignee will allow the IRS to change their litigation stance.

The government has a habit of purposely making IRS cases take as long as possible to resolve. When the IRS is asked to produce documentation on what led to their decision about who should or should not receive tax-exempt status, they remain silent, which is where the discrimination comes into play. They are hoping that the new Attorney General will change the unfair rules, such as the long purposeful delay of investigation, and make sure justice is done.

All members of the Justice Department lawyers have no other choice but to report to the new Attorney General. Many plaintiffs aren’t seeking money damages against the IRS, but simply wanted the truth to be told. It is now up to Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions to end IRS discrimination.