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Tax Defense Partners, LLC is a tax debt relief and resolution company serving individual taxpayers, corporations, associations, and small businesses before the Collections Division of the IRS and state tax authorities.


Whether the IRS is requesting full payment of back taxes or an IRS payment planthat exceeds the amount that you can afford, we can set up an arrangement to pay the IRS for the lowest monthly amount allowed by law.


We offer tax defense services on as “as-needed” basis to taxpayers facing tax problems with more than $10,000 in controversy, who have a sound basis for making a good-faith challenge to the tax assessed, or cannot afford to pay the tax, in full, when due.


Tax Defense Partners, LLC steps into the shoes of the taxpayer to assure that the taxpayer’s rights are preserved and pays the lowest amount of taxes allowed by law, on terms that the taxpayer can afford.


Tax Defense Partners, LLC charges on a fixed-fee basis that is determined up front, with no hidden fees, to permanently solve the client’s tax problem.