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Owe IRS Back Taxes?

If you owe back taxes, or if you’ve been threatened with, or are currently experiencing, an IRS levy of your bank account, lien on your property, garnishment of your wages, seizure of your assets or the denial or termination of a previous installment agreement, let our Tax Defense Partners, LLC team represent you to fully resolve your IRS problems once and for all. We can stop most IRS levies and seizures when you hire us by filing an IRS collection appeal on your behalf.

Whether the IRS is demanding full payment of back taxes up-front or a payment plan that is higher than you can afford, we can set up an arrangement to pay the IRS for the lowest monthly amount allowed by law.

Don’t be afraid of the IRS anymore.

If you owe less than $10,000 in back taxes: and you have a clean IRS record and filed ALL of your previous tax returns, you can contact the IRS directly and arrange a 36 month payment plan.

If you owe more than $10,000: Call the TDP team to stop levies, seizures, or wage garnishments, and to permanently solve your tax problem, as appropriate and available for your situation.

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