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The tax laws in Kansas are complicated and adding to that there has been an overhaul and a major change within the last year. The changes that have taken place mean an increase in taxes that will be backdated to 2017. Tax Defense Partners offers tax debt relief services in the state of Kansas and will advise you of your rights and expectations of Kansas tax debt relief.

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & Kansas State Tax?

Everyone should submit a tax return at the end of the tax year and any outstanding tax for that financial year should be paid within the time limits. If either of these things do not happen, you could find yourself subject to a penalty fee. Continued non-payment will cause interest charges to accrue on the outstanding tax debt. There are also other implications, such as the Kansas Department of Revenue having immediate access to your wages (wage garnishment). If you are working, the state tax authority can legally obtain a portion of your wage to offset your tax debt. As this can lead to further financial hardship on a weekly or monthly basis, you need an expert to go through your tax debt relief options with you.

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How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in Kansas

Tax Defense Partners has helped many individuals, small businesses, sole traders, companies and corporations to get all the tax debt relief they are entitled to. In addition, tax attorneys from Tax Defense Partners have been able to appeal or mitigate on the behalf of those in arrears with their tax bill and obtain a mutually satisfactory outcome. You will not be able to get out of paying your taxes, but you may be entitled to tax debt relief or pay any outstanding taxes in a more affordable way.

Popular FAQs on Kansas Tax Debt

Can you help me reduce my legal tax debt?

It is possible to reduce a person’s or a company’s tax debt legally. There are all kinds of complications and rules, so it will take an in-depth financial statement before any concrete answer can be given. It is possible to reduce the tax debt if the circumstances fit the Kansas Department of Revenue categories.

What should I do if I cannot reduce my tax debt?

If it is not possible to reduce the overall tax debt, it will, more than likely, be possible to ask for an installment plan to be instituted. This means you will have more time to pay your tax debt and you can pay via installments. This will make things easier for your day-to-day finances.

Can I request an installment plan from the Kansas Department of Revenue myself?

You can, of course, do this, but taxation law is complicated, and many people feel intimidated by the process, which is why it helps to have a tax debt relief expert assess your case and advise what is and what isn’t possible. The state tax authority will not always outline the options available to you, so you may miss out on tax relief programs.

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