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Some people manage to rack up a lot of unpaid taxes and debt owed to the Louisiana Department of Revenue. Very often, this is due to a lack of understanding or an inability to face up to the problem. Unfortunately, the problem will not go away, and if left alone, it can become worse. Just burying your head in the sand when you have received demands for unpaid tax from the state tax authority will not help your situation.

Whilst you may be able to forget about the tax debt problem for a short time, it will rear its ugly head a few months down the line, with further penalty fees or interest charges. It would be much easier to consult a tax debt resolution firm, such as Tax Defense Partners, to assess your Louisiana tax debt relief options

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & Louisiana State Tax?

The Louisiana Department of Revenue tries to give everyone the opportunity to file their tax return on time and pay any taxes owed. If this does not happen, then you will receive reminders from the state tax authority. If you do not respond to the reminders, then you will start to receive more aggressively-toned letters. They can start to make your life difficult and this can impact your financial situation as well as any savings or assets you may have. Among the available actions to the Louisiana Department of Revenue are:

Ability to impose penalties on outstanding tax debt.

Add interest charges to the outstanding tax debt.

Prevent you from selling your house and receiving the proceeds until your tax bill has been settled.

Place a levy on your bank account, allowing them to remove any funds or savings to pay your tax debt.

Garnish your wages to allow them to receive an amount they believe is fair. This will go toward paying your unpaid tax bill.

Of course, all of these measures are not done immediately, but to save yourself from stress, hassle and financial hardship, it makes sense to consult a professional tax debt resolution attorney to help you understand the implications and perhaps intervene on your behalf.

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How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in Louisiana

Tax Defense Partners has undertaken hundreds of cases and successfully obtained tax debt relief for a lot of our customers. We have the expertise to help our clients reduce their overall tax bill as well as negotiate various repayment methods with state tax authorities on their behalf.

Popular FAQs On Louisiana Tax Debt

Will you help me file for an extension of time to pay my back taxes?

We can help you do that, although that will not remove your tax debt by itself. You may need to apply for a waiver of the penalty, to reduce the tax debt. Tax Defense Partners can help with this.

What are the rules concerning a penalty waiver?

You, or someone appointed on your behalf, such as Tax Defense Partners, can apply for a waiver of the penalty imposed on your tax bill. This request must be done in writing and you should not have a record of unpaid taxes or delinquent filing of previous tax returns. All tax returns should be filed on time and paid in full.

If I file for an extension, will the penalty fees and interest charges be removed?

The Louisiana Department of Revenue may remove certain penalty fees, but the interest charges will remain on the unpaid tax debt amount.

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