Do not spend your life trying to evade taxes. If you owe taxes to the Montana Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service, tax debt relief options are available.  A Montana tax debt resolution expert can help you explore options to get rid of your outstanding tax debt.

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What Happens When You Don’t Pay Federal & Montana State Tax?

If you don’t file your taxes, you will have to face a failure-to-file penalty, and in case you don’t pay after filing a tax return, you may be subject to failure-to-pay penalty. If you are behind your taxes after the due date, the consequences can pile up, due to additional interest charges and late fees. For continually ignoring tax notices from the government, the following actions may be taken against you:

Your property may be seized and sold to pay off your tax debt.

A tax lien may be imposed on your assets. You cannot sell them, unless the lien is removed.

Your passport may be revoked.

Charges may be filed against you for tax evasion.


How Tax Defense Partners Can Help Provide Tax Debt Relief in Montana

It can be tempting to ignore the Montana Department of Revenue and the IRS in hopes that you can dodge the tax debt. That is unlikely to happen. You need to solve your tax debt problems, and there are plenty of reasons to work with Tax Defense Partners. Our Montana tax attorneys can help you in:

  • Figuring out the available tax debt relief solutions, given their thorough understanding of the federal and Montana tax code.
  • Reviewing your past tax returns to make sure there are no errors in your tax bill. Your attorney will also review your current financial state to help you determine which tax debt relief solution is best for you.
  • Dealing directly with the government and relevant authorities on your behalf.

Popular FAQs on Montana Tax Debt

How do I qualify for tax debt relief?

Tax debt relief allows delinquent taxpayers to potentially resolve tax debt for a percentage of what is payable. Based on your tax situation, tax relief options are available. These programs are not openly promoted by the IRS. You can consider hiring a tax debt resolution expert to determine if you qualify for any option.

If the tax return was assessed before my marriage, is my current spouse liable for it?

No. Marrying someone with tax liabilities does not make you liable for the payment of their taxes. Only that person whose income is reported on the tax returns is liable for the taxes.

Can the Internal Revenue Service put you in jail for not filing tax returns?

It is illegal to not file your tax returns, and you can be charged with criminal penalties, if any fraudulent documentation is revealed by the IRS. You can be put in jail for up to five years or let off with a hefty fine

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